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Why You Need Web Hosting for Your Organization’s Fundraising Event

29 October 2008 2 Comments

1.  Your Fundraising Orgnization Needs an Internet Presence

Let’s face it, every organization that needs to raise money from the public needs to stay in the public eye in a positive way. Today a website and Social Media Marketing (SMM) on sites such as Facebook and Twitter allow organizations the opportunity to do just that. Quality web hosting companies can provide causes with great web features to promote their values such as “leave a comment” sections after articles about organizational efforts and events.


By creating social space for your cause, you can attract public participation and provide information for fundraising events. Reach out to donors and promote your values through blogs, articles and interactive features such as message boards. Fundraising doesn’t work unless people understand what an organization or cause is about and why they need to donate their time to help, their money or both. Including trustworthy articles and information on your website adds value to your site and provide relevant information for site visitors. Press releases may be included on your fundraising site as well and many charitable organizations have a “Press Room” page on their websites. 

2.  Your Fundraising Orgnaization Needs to Keep Attracting Sponsors and Donors


If want to attract big corporate sponsors, you need to have a professional website hosted by a reliable company that will provide your organization with the space it needs to have an informative site. You must communicate clearly what your organization is all about and where the funds raised will go and who they will help. Photos are great additions to a fund raising website.


If you get some big sponsors, thank them on your website and mention them prominently. If other companies and individuals see that well known large companies are supporting your cause, they may be more likely to donate to you. Clearly include your fundraising goals, what you do to help, what you have done to help and what your organization’s future goals are. Include volunteer positions you need to fill for those wanting to donate time to your cause rather than money.

3.  A Fundraising Website Can Help You Organize Your Event Way Ahead


Keep in mind that you need to start your fundraising website about a year ahead or at least 6 months before your organization’s fundraising event. You don’t have to start out knowing the exact date of the event or other details. The idea is to get as much exposure and publicity for your cause and upcoming event as far in advance as possible and keep this going right up to and including your fundraising event. Keep updating your fundraising website and make it an accurate and accessible place!

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