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How Web Hosting Can Grow Your Business

13 November 2008 2 Comments

What is Business Web Hosting?


Web hosting provides businesses with a folder on a server for their website pages and files. Business web hosting companies rent out online space to promote other businesses. Having a company website is a must as organizations today need an online presence, either to showcase their products or to establish their credibility in their field.


Many different business website hosting plans are available and it’s important to choose the one that best supports your website design. As your business grows, you’ll need more space and more features, so you’ll need a web hosting plan that supports that growth. However, you don’t want to start out paying for features that you don’t use so finding a good web hosting company is essential.


Experienced, established business web hosting companies provide top-notch technical support that allows you to access your website when you want. They minimize downtime & if your website is down you don’t have viewers and customers during that time. Good web hosts also provide back ups for all your files and information, plus they send you reports and statistics about your customers’ web activities. Beware of start up web hosting companies without expertise or experience.


Worldwide Promotion


Web hosting brings a global audience to your business website. Through your website, you can outline your products or services and your company’s commitment to its industry and customers. As your business expands, so will your need for bandwidth. Choose a web hosting company that will supply bandwidth as you increase your web pages and materials.


Promoting your website to attract new customers and inform existing ones can be done by including your company’s Internet address on mailings and communications that invite customers to “Check us out online at www.yourcompany.com.” Of course, using engine optimization, SEO, in your websites content and articles to achieve top search engine ranking also drives qualified traffic to your site. People typing related search terms may see your company’s web address listed and click the link to your site.


Make sure your web hosting company will provide you with fast loading pages or potential customers may give up trying to connect with your site. Security is of course especially important online, so don’t overlook this when choosing a business web hosting company. There’s no point in trying to attract clients that end up not ordering from you because they don’t trust your online security features. The great thing about having your company showcased online is that you can easily promote your business website to suppliers and clients in your industry anywhere in the world.


Always Open 24/7


Your business website is always there 24/7 for your clients to gain information about you or order your products and services. This is great for business growth because your online catalog and information is there at their convenience to order from day or night. Selecting an established, reliable web hosting company is a must because any down time means your 24/7 store is no more. A company website shouldn’t ever be down more that 1% of the time, if at all.


Business web hosting plans often include unlimited emails. Email is a great way of following up on client requests and orders. Auto responders and automatic emails work 24/7 to be read at your customer’s convenience. Offering promotions to your current customers through email blasts may increase your sales significantly.


Interactive Features


Look for a dependable, established web hosting company that offers features like these:


  • Automated invoicing and ordering
  • Shopping carts, credit processing and other ecommerce solutions
  • Top notch safety and security measures
  • Full control of the website through your online control panel.
  • Enough bandwidth to handle your expanding amount of graphics, audio or video
  • Bulletin boards and interactive response features for your customers
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