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Web Hosting for Your Wedding

4 February 2009 2 Comments

Why Have a Website for Your Wedding?


When you’re engaged and have the date set for your wedding, consider having a website set up to help plan, organize and communicate your thoughts leading up to the big day. If the wedding is a destination one, the sight could include travel itineraries and weather conditions. Having a wedding website is a great way for your wedding guests from all over to connect and add their comments, share photos and receive your maps or information about the wedding and related events.



A message board or other interactive communication tools such as a blog with comments is a great feature to include on your wedding website, so look for a good web hosting company that offers these types of tools in their hosting plan.



What some couples do is to include an extra card inside their wedding invitation that gives the website address so that guests can participate. The design and style of your wedding website should tie in with the decor and tone of the rest of your wedding including the look of your invitations.


Free Versus Paid Web Hosting



Look for a reliable, established web hosting company for your wedding website. If you don’t mind banner and pop up ads on your site, then a free web host could work for you. Otherwise, find a good paid web hosting service. In either case, look for an experienced, trustworthy web hosting company. Remember that you can keep your wedding website to post honeymoon photos and then use it as a family website after that.



You can blog about life as a married couple in a new home or whatever your situation is. A family website is the perfect place to post baby photos and keep family and friends informed of your life after the wedding day. Look for web hosting plans that give you room to keep adding photographs and links to other sites as well as a message board or other space for your family and friends to communicate.



Since you aren’t likely to need too many tools and special features, a free web hosting service could work out well for your wedding website if you’re okay with ads on your site, but still look for value. Back up services are important because if something happens to the host company’s website, they’ll still have your photos and information backed up. Whether you choose paid or free websites hosting for your wedding website, look for excellent security to prevent computer hackers. A user name and password to access the pages is available from many web hosting companies.


What Not to Include on Your Wedding Website



Emily Post and other wedding etiquette experts note that while it is certainly acceptable to thank people that helped with your wedding on your website, this doesn’t replace sending out personalized handwritten thank you cards. Send personal, handwritten notes to your attendants and the host of your wedding shower.



Never use your wedding website to replace mailing thank you cards for gifts you received. Your thank you notes for wedding gifts should be short, but sincere and mention the gift. If you received money, you don’t have to specify the exact amount, but do say what you plan on doing with the money. If you purchase your wedding gift thank you cards when you buy the rest of your wedding stationery such as invitations, outer envelopes, reply cards, reply envelopes, place setting cards and paper for hand written notes, you’ll be prepared.

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