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Why Use Custom Rubber Stamps for Your Small Business?

22 September 2008 One Comment

Custom Rubber Stamps add Personality and a Small Business Feel to Your Communications


Rubber stamps can add a great small business look to your marketing materials. Show you’re proud of your small business by not trying to look like a big business and by showing off your products. For example, you can create package headers and labels that look home-spun and rustic to sell your handcrafted jewelry designs or other items.

Quality, customized rubber stamps can be ordered easily and cheaply to meet the exact needs of your small business. Self-inking rubber stamps are both convenient and non-messy to use for yourself and your staff.

Think beyond address, and “Paid” stamps and create the exact stamps you need. Keep in mind that most rubber stamps work best on matte, non-glossy paper. If you want to use rubber stamps on shiny marketing materials, ask for stamps that contain special inks made to use on glossy papers and cardstock.


Custom Rubber Stamps are an Inexpensive Way to Communication Solutions

Since you decide what kinds of rubber stamps your small business needs, a customized rubber stamp is a low cost way to meet a specific business communication need. Custom rubber stamps can be used for your paperwork and systems as well as for customer communications.


Small business start ups especially may not have a sufficient customer base to justify getting a supply of printed office materials and rubber stamping can add a homespun appeal and fill the gap before ordering pre-printed supplies. You may choose to customize rubber stamps to add to letters and communications such as in a statement like “Ask Us About Our New Mail Box Service.”


You may also want to try and compel slow paying customers to take action by getting a more creative stamp made than the usual “Past Due” or “Please Remit.” For instance, your custom rubber stamp could read: “Urgent? Please call 555-555-555 now” and many customers may call since you have your company’s phone number right there.

Custom Rubber Stamps are Convenient


A popular idea for a custom rubber stamp for a small business is the customized signature stamp. A rubber stamp is formed in the exact image of a hand written signature. These are perfect for assistants to stamp onto checks for bank deposits to save time. With a custom rubber signature stamp, the effort of a higher level employee to sign many checks on a regular basis is eliminated and the time saved can be better used for other tasks. Look for high quality signature stamps and add text around the signature if needed.

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