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How a Resume Package with Custom Letterhead Can Help You Get a Job

11 December 2008 3 Comments

You Have Only Seconds to Make a Good Impression on Paper


It’s estimated that the average human resources professional spends between 15 and 45 seconds reading a resume and cover letter. This means you have to instantly create a good impression by promoting yourself well on paper.



A resume package that includes a cover letter and resume with custom letterhead makes you stand out as a unique, yet professional individual. Everything in the resume package must promote you in the best light as the ideal fit for the job. All of the information you include must be accurate and honest. How you display and promote that information can impress your potential employer and get your resume in the short stack rather than in the discard pile.


Custom letterhead should express your best business personality. It should grab the attention of a human resources professional due to a tasteful design that meets the conventions of the company and the field or industry in general. The paper should be of a quality look and weight. The letterhead design should be clean and tasteful with the right amount of white space around it. The cover letter and resume should be in the same style and tone and be completely typo-free with excellent writing and grammar throughout.



You need a professional resume package that suits your career type and level. A recent college graduate looking for an entry level career job is going to need a completely different resume than an experienced mid-level manager or executive. The college grad would emphasize his or her education, while the management professional would promote his or her experience to potential employers. And a parent re-entering the workforce would need a different style of resume than someone changing careers.


You Can Adapt Your Basic Resume Package to Fit Each Job


Once you have a resume and cover letter designed to match your particular career situation and field, you can and should adjust your written communications to each job you apply for. This is easy to accomplish if you have a good, professional resume package to start with and you have a good basic understanding of what the company you hope to work for is looking for in a successful applicant. Address each requirement the organization asks for and use direct quotes.

For example, if the job ad you’re replying to with your cover letter and resume specifies they prefer the applicant to have “public relations experience and an ability to work creatively on deadline,” be specific about how you fit this requirement. You could say something like “My 12 years of public relations experience has definitely seen me work creatively on deadline on a consistent basis. As you can see by my client references on my accompanying resume, clients are impressed by my work and I’ve even beat deadlines many times. I’m committed to providing excellent customer service as well as top quality work to clients.”

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