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How to Present Your Custom Resume to Help You Get Hired

29 January 2009 3 Comments

Accentuate Your Strong Points


It’s not just your education, experience and skills that help get you hired, but how you present those skills. Everything on your resume must be the truth and be accurate, but it also needs to be compelling and draw attention. Although having an impressive education or top-notch experience and skills will certainly help you get hired, it’s not always the person with these qualities that ends up getting the job. It’s about how the interviewer sees and processes the information the applicant provides.



If the applicant can present his or her information in a persuasive and professional manner and show how he or she is the right person to fill the job, the interviewer or human resources professional may agree and choose this person for the position. There are different sections in a resume and you should customize yours to showcase the skills and qualifications a particular employer is looking for that you have.


For instance, if the job ad stresses the importance of a degree and you have it, showcase your educational background in the first part of your resume and mention it right at the beginning of your cover letter. In the resume, use eye-catching bullet points about how your educational experiences fit in with the job duties. This way, the reader of your resume can easily scan this relevant information and your resume may make the short pile as a result.


Follow Directions and Get Attention


Following directions is crucial when submitting a resume. Although it’s customary to send both a cover letter and resume when applying for a job, an ad may ask interested applicants to send only one or the other. Those who ignore the request and send both are sure to be out of the running for the short list. Read every word of the job ad painstakingly so that you have a solid understanding of whether you’re a good fit for the position, and if so, exactly how you should apply.


Let your custom resume get attention in a good way. Be sure the design you choose for your letterhead is clean and professional. Make sure the cover letter and resume coordinate in style and tone. Check that your contact information and everything you want to include is accurate and professionally presented. A concise, yet communicative presentation works best. Don’t ramble in your cover letter. Keep focused on persuading the reader why you’re the ideal fit for the position. Then back it up by displaying the facts clearly and professionally in your resume.



Once you’ve created positive attention getting strategies in both your cover letter and custom letterhead resume, be 100% sure that you haven’t detracted from that in any way. In other words, your material should be typo-free, clear, clean, professional, and follow any directions or guidelines set by the organization for which you want to work. Nobody wants to hire a person that can’t follow simple directions!

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