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How to Send a Thank You Card after a Job Interview

8 June 2009 52 Comments

Choose Your Timing Well

A thank you card should be sent on the day after the interview and not sent any later than two days after it. If you’re mailing the thank you cards, get them in the mail as soon as possible after the interview. Then, also send a follow up email. You can repeat the same information in your email that you have in your card without using the same words. Polite persistence is a good thing when it comes to following up after a job interview. It shows excellent business communication skills.

Especially if the hiring process will be quick, you may even want to bring your thank you cards with you to the interview all ready to go except for space that you leave to add some specific details that occurred in the interview. For instance, if you were given a tour you could mention it and why you found it interesting or a good match to your interests. You could then finish the card at a nearby cafe before going back and asking the receptionist how you can get the card to your interviewer. You should also double check with the receptionist that you’ve spelled your interviewer’s name correctly. It’s a good idea to remember the receptionists name as well!

Get the Details Right

If you’re mailing your thank you card, do so immediately after the interview and make sure the address is correct and the company name is accurate. It won’t help you at all if you address the thank you card for your interviewer to Smith-Rite Solutions Inc. when the actual name of the company is Smith Ryte Solutions Corp. It may still reach him or her, but it won’t show you in a good light if you got the name wrong.

If more than one interviewer conducted your job interview, send one thank you card to each interviewer. Don’t create cookie cutter cards though, thank each person for something specific he or she added to the interview. If only one person actually asked you any questions or added anything to the interview, address the card to that person. If the others added to the interview in a minor way, you should mention their names in the card.

Be Professional and Sincere

Choose a professional looking thank you card. Make sure everything you write inside the card is clear and concise. It should be as polite and direct as:  ”Thanks for the interview yesterday that included the tour of the plant. I look forward to the possibility of being able to work on such a quality machine as the X230. Thanks again, Terry Stevens.”

Here’s another example of a suitable note to write inside a job interview thank you card.  ”Thanks for taking the time to interview me Wednesday morning. I’m still extremely interested in the position and hope to hear from you soon about the second interview. Regards, Jacqueline Smith.”

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