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How Giving Out Customized Pens Can Help Retain Customers

1 September 2008 2 Comments

Customers Appreciate Being Appreciated

It’s no secret that customers like to be thanked for their business and appreciate knowing that a company they’ve dealt with for years really values having them as a customer. Something as simple as “Thank you for your business” or “We care about customer service” placed stylishly on an attractive pen can help retain a current customer.

Studies show it cost much less to retain present customers than acquire new customers. You could even create a mail promotion with a customer appreciation theme and include a complimentary promo pen showing in the envelope window. Customer promotions are a good way to encourage repeat business.

Special Pens for Special Customers

Since there are so many styles of custom pens available today, you can find the perfect ones to suit all your promotions. Try an easy to hold curved style or a brightly colored ball point pen with your company information on it to get attention in your mailings.

You can also order specially engraved elegant pens for gifts for special customers. This is a wonderful way to show you care about your long term clients. Choose a design that promotes your company, but that is designed with your important customer in mind. You want your client to remember you for their business needs.

You may want an elegant metal pen engraved and personalized for your customer. Or, you may want a more useful pen such as one that is also a flashlight, but that is also personalized for your client, perhaps in a colorful, attractive design. 

Customized Pens Are Used

Even in our computer oriented society, pens are still used daily by many people. They fit easily into briefcases and purses and are convenient to have on hand for writing notes in the home and even in the car. It’s easy and inexpensive to get your company name and contact information placed onto attractive promotional pens.

You can add your website address and some promotional text as well in many cases. As long as the pens feel good in the hand, are reasonably attractive and write smoothly without skipping or leaving blobs of ink, most people tend to keep promotional pens and use them daily. Handing out customized pens to clients is a great way to keep your company information conveniently in front of your customers.

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