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Why Marketing with Customized Pens is Perfect for Small Businesses

22 August 2008 No Comment

Low Cost Marketing Technique that Still Works Today

More than ever, it’s easy to find good quality, low cost customized pens that help you market your small business. The more pens you need, the lower your price will be. Pens are lightweight and don’t take up much space, so they’re perfect for handing out anywhere. Don’t just offer people your promotional pens at trade shows and events; get your company name out to potential customers on a regular basis. It’s as simple as asking a person in your doctor’s waiting room: “Would you like a pen?” while holding out your customized pen along with your business card if you want. Most people will accept.

Make your pen design attractive. Keep the colors consistent with your branding. Use your logo and tagline, but also consider using a photograph. Today’s promo pen technology is sophisticated with photos and beautiful shaded coloring techniques. Plus, you may have 4-6 lines of text to use for a compelling message about your company to attract customers.

The design of the pen itself should also suit your business and it doesn’t have to be expensive in order to be appealing to customers. A more practical inexpensive pen may even suit your company more than an elegant, high-end pen. For example, for a company called “Budget Painters” a practical looking utility pen, maybe even a lanyard style with a rope attached and attractive patterns of color on the pen’s body is likely to work well.

People Need and Keep Pens

Pens are useful items that virtually everyone uses on a daily basis. Students, parents, business people and retirees alike in homes and offices need and use pens regularly. A promotional giveaway pen needn’t be fancy or expensive in order to be saved and stashed in cars, purses, pencil jars and briefcases.

As long as your customized pens write smoothly and the ink doesn’t run or blob up, most people are likely to keep it for a long time. If you’ve been in business several years and have already had customized pens made and distributed them, consider customizing a new type of pen such as a light up, gel or other fun style to renew your customer’s attention.

Different Kinds of Pens to Suit Every Type of Business

Even if you’re on a budget, you still have many choices today in colors and styles for inexpensive promotional pens. If you want to go for bright colors, choose a solid jewel color or select an eye-catching pattern such as fun polka dots, modern stripes or classic rainbow stripes. Keep your industry and business in mind and if you feel you need to go for neutral colors, you can always use a photograph, engraving or a sales message to attract attention.

Coordinating your customized pens with your other marketing materials such as business cards is a great way to present your small business as both professional and tasteful. Whether you have a bakery, auto shop, hair salon, pet store or something completely different, the right promo pen and other marketing materials can entice customers to give you a try. Consider adding a call to action on your customized pen along with the contact information, such as “Budget Painters. Call 555-5555 today for a free no obligation estimate.”

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