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Why You Should Customize T-Shirts for Your Event

19 August 2008 No Comment

Customized Event T-Shirts Look Professional

When you design a t-shirt especially for your event, it becomes a part of the event in a professional way. Use colors and a style that fits in with the other promotional materials you use for the event. Consistent branding is always important when marketing anything. If you’ll have a booth at the event, consider constructing your area so that you can hang the shirts at the top to gain attention. Each t-shirt customized with your message and/or name serves as a mini poster.

Whether you’re giving away the shirts or charging a small fee for them such as for a running event, be sure that these are attractive t-shirts event participants will like to wear. Great looking matching customized t-shirts are the perfect way to create a professional looking team for your event.

Great Color and Style Gets Attention

White baggy t-shirts are a thing of the past. White is still a popular promo t-shirt color, but don’t limit yourself to that. Gray, taupe or black may be better neutrals for your customized t-shirts, depending on the look you want. Pick flattering styles that make your group look like successful professionals. A vibrant red, blue, green or yellow could also work, depending on your company color, and stand out more than neutrals.

Consider a color block style if you want sporty custom t shirts. Most color block t-shirts have the shirt body in a neutral color and the sleeves in a colorful accent shade. Color block t-shirts or baseball shirts are often available in short or long sleeve options. The button front neck Henley style of t-shirt is another look to consider as it’s a popular change to the more traditional crew neck shirt.

The back of a t-shirt can get a lot of attention if you use larger letters. You could have “Staff” on the backs of customized t-shirts to make employees stand out from clients at a company event. Or you could have your company name on the backs of your promo event t-shirts to make your business name stand out in a crowd.

People Love Useful Free Items

If you choose an attractively designed wearable t-shirt for your event, these shirts are likely to be saved and actually worn. Many people save useful promo items such as cups, pens and calendars and t-shirts that are comfortable and attractive enough to wear are popular. Make your company name, tagline, logo and location information look tasteful on the shirt.

Even if a t-shirt is large, it may end up being used as a nightgown or worn with sweatpants in the home. If your event is held in the winter months, consider getting customized long sleeved sweatshirts rather than lightweight t-shirts if your budget allows. Promo tank tops could be the way to go for summer events.

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