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Low Cost Marketing Technique that Still Works Today

More than ever, it’s easy to find good quality, low cost customized pens that help you market your small business. The more pens you need, the lower your price will be. Pens are lightweight and don’t take up much space, so they’re perfect for handing out anywhere. Don’t just offer people your promotional pens at trade shows and events; get your company name out to potential customers on a regular basis. It’s as simple as asking a person in your doctor’s waiting room: …

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Customized Event T-Shirts Look Professional

When you design a t-shirt especially for your event, it becomes a part of the event in a professional way. Use colors and a style that fits in with the other promotional materials you use for the event. Consistent branding is always important when marketing anything. If you’ll have a booth at the event, consider constructing your area so that you can hang the shirts at the top to gain attention. Each t-shirt customized with your message and/or name serves as a mini poster.

Whether you’re giving …

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Mini Billboards

Giving out promotional t-shirts with your company name and information on them means that when worn, the shirts are like mini walking billboards that promote your business. Customized business t-shirts can also create mini billboard-like attention when displayed in the window of retail companies or hung in a trade show booth. A sign promoting an offer to receive a t-shirt when a product or service is purchased could accompany the displayed shirts to help bring people into the store.

If Promotional T-Shirts are Wearable, People Will Keep Them

People tend to …